Global Classroom

Girls in Tech’s Global Classroom is an online learning platform designed to educate, empower and engage girls and women around the world. Through this initiative, Girls in Tech hopes to equip girls and women with critical technology skills that will prepare them for a career in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The ultimate goal is to redress the gender imbalance in technology through education, with a focus on targeting girls at a young age before the typical shift away from STEM happens. Launched in December 2014 with more than 180 girls and women from around the world participating, Global Classroom teaches key coding, design and entrepreneurial skills. These students are learning how to program and design websites, create infographics, build Tumblr pages and integrate socialization tools to their works of art. The coursework combines a learning platform with social media, apps and APIs to create an environment that enhances and transforms the learning process. Throughout the course of study, students receive a constant feedback loop coming from social data and informing -- and refining -- subsequent courses.
Global Classroom combines our passion for education and our support for women in STEM, with a FREE 5-week Maker course to learn how to create 3d designs and create an “Advocacy Token” for a social cause of your choosing! We set you up for success by giving you the support and resources you need to take your ideas to design using Tinkercad: a kick-ass instructor, all course materials, mentors and opportunities for discussion and collaboration. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.
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Girls in Tech Global Classroom integrates social media and data analysis to assist students and track how they are learning throughout the course. All coursework is project-based and designed to focus on success defined by retention and completion. Social media components to Global Classroom create unique and collaborative learning communities that encourage engagement and peer and mentor interaction. Furthermore, social allows the program to expand globally without travels costs -- How often does a girl in America get to take a course with girls in Dubai, Nigeria, France, Luxembourg, and Malaysia simultaneously? Through a partnership with Pearson, Global Classroom students receive their courses via Pearson’s LearningStudio, where they have constant online access to courses tailored to their individual needs. Students can view and read course content, submit assignments and take quizzes. As part of the world’s largest education company that is committed to success, LearningStudio allows Girls in Tech to expand access to education, provides Global Classroom with data and insights to improve our students’ achievement and help make quality education more affordable. Global Classroom also leverages Facebook and several other social media platforms throughout the program as a compulsory part of the experience. Students are encouraged to share work, ask questions and get to know each other through the private Girls in Tech Global Classroom Facebook Group. Pinterest, Instagram, Polyvore, Twitter and Tumblr are also used in the coursework. To fully realize the potential of social learning, we are continuously vetting and adding new functionality. Girls in Tech and the Global Classroom are constantly seeking new ways to process, understand, and leverage the vast amounts of interactive data collected in partnership with Pearson to improve online learning. At the end of the program, students will have merit certificates of achievement as well as a portfolio piece to share with friends, family, schools and future employers. Check out the 2018 Global Classroom Tinkercad Impact Report!